Tyia Grange Isaacson, LCSW, Ph.D Candidate 

1611 San Pablo Ave #4a
Berkeley, CA 94706

Tyia Grange Isaacson, LCSW, Ph.D Candidate has been working with families since 1994.  Tyia’s work is informed not only by years of training and clinical experience but most importantly by being a mother herself.  Her practice expertise is helping  parents through her efforts in  private practice, teaching classes and writing.   Ms. Grange Isaacson is a former adjunct lecturer for Columbia University and has been qualified as an expert witness on child custody cases.  Ms. Grange Isaacson has been treating trauma since 1994 and is a Level 2  EMDR practitioner, a Certified Gottman Educator and has completed an Emotionally Focused Therapy Externship.

Tyia received a BA with Honors and Distinction from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and wrote her honors dissertation on domestic violence. Ms. Grange Isaacson went on to receive an MSW from the Columbia University School of Social Work in New York with a minor in law. She currently holds a social work license to practice in New York and California and is thrilled to have found her professional home by enrolling in a Ph.D program at the Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis a five year advanced clinical program.

Ms. Grange Isaacson has worked with children and families in the private and public sector providing therapy and training to parents and professionals alike.  In addition, she consults for Best Start Birth Center of San Diego screening and counseling high risk patients and treating trauma.   She was an original Parenting Expert for the early parenting social networking site Parentricity.com and Ms. Grange Isaacson also writes as a parenting expert for  several magazines and publications.

Tyia enjoys working with diverse populations and is passionate about helping families. She enjoys counseling couples to become resilient parents.

To meet the needs of busy new parents, Bay Area based Baby Maven, provides home based individual, couples and family therapy as well as phone and internet sessions. Tyia also provides homestudy services for pre-adoptive and child custody purposes as well as pre-and post adoptive  services. Ms. Grange Isaacson works with separated couples developing co-parenting plans and mediation.  Tyia’s classes are essential for  couples contemplating parenthood, couples expecting a child and couples of young children and  she teaches around the country.

would highly recommend this course for all expectant couples and families with young children.” – Sky, (New York) psychologist, mother and Child Proofing Your Marriage class participant.

510.343.9832  tyiagrange@gmail.com

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