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everything i need to know

You had just turned seven and that age of reason shined upon us like the sun after a long dark storm. It was a warm fall day and the Children’s Museum was premiering a new exhibit block party style.  As … Continue reading

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Moving Past The Past

I’m sort of an information junky and hope my education and training will never end.    Recently, in my practice in San Diego, CA I have been trained in some exciting new techniques including: EMDR.  Here is the skinny: EMDR … Continue reading

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Bilingual Hymn of a Sometimes Tiger Mama

My bookclub just finished Battle hymn of a Tiger Mother and it caused me to re-evaluate my inner Tigress.  I choose my hymn carefully and it goes something like this, “Kids, you get to decide most things most of the … Continue reading

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What’s on my bookshelf?

Often asked for book recommendations, here is the short list of Baby Maven Favs… Widgets

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For Crying Out Loud: coping with colic & reflux*

*This Article First Appeared in the May issue of San Diego Family Magazine Does your baby cry a lot?  Maybe you’ve heard that it’s colic but what exactly is colic? Colic Defined: Colic is a little understood problem that torments … Continue reading

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Transition into Parenthood

Arriving home from the hospital with their newborn daughter, Shoshanna and Jon were both overjoyed and overwhelmed. The couple anticipated the happiness they would feel for this very wanted baby, but they were shocked by how hard it was to … Continue reading

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Help for the Holidays

The holiday season can be a challenging time, regardless of what you celebrate. Here are some common pitfalls and how to avoid them and make this holiday season a happy memory for all. Creating New Rituals: In the lifespan of … Continue reading

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Favorite Newsletter Art Projects

Four Winter Art Projects White projects: 1) Take all sorts of found materials in white, and make a collage on a colored piece of construction paper. Look for ribbon, fabric, white glitter, pipe cleaners, coffee filters, packing peanuts, salt, sugar, … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Gift better than diamonds, chocolate or sex

10 reasons why Child Proofing Your Relationship Charity Class for Haiti makes THE BEST Valentine’s Day Gift! 1.  It’s a charity event and 100% of the profit  will be donated to Haiti 2. Because it’s a one of a kind date you’ll … Continue reading

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Spreading the Love: Haitian Relief Fund Charity Class

I can’t stop thinking about the people of Haiti.  Perhaps it is because I had the fortune of working with  many courageous Hataian immigrants who taught me how to say Sak Pase when I was  a social worker in New … Continue reading

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