Valentine’s Day Gift better than diamonds, chocolate or sex

call 800.383.179010 reasons why Child Proofing Your Relationship Charity Class for Haiti makes THE BEST Valentine’s Day Gift!

1.  It’s a charity event and 100% of the profit  will be donated to Haiti
2. Because it’s a one of a kind date you’ll never forget
3. It’s a fantastic pre-dinner activity and you can get an early bird discount on a sitter (ask how)
4. It’s sure to make your Valentine’s Day magical and bring the spark back to your marriage
5. It’s vetted “guy friendly” format  (with no self disclosure needed)

6. You’ll walk in with a problem and out with a solution
7. Guys if you go you are sure to get lucky that night and more nights from now on
8.  Everyone who has ever taken this class says it exceeds their expectations
9.  You’ll learn a relationship saving conflict solving technique that will blow your mind
10.. Your kids will be the ultimate benefactors because research shows when you make time for your relationship and have a happy marriage  kids are happier, healthier and even smarter.  No joke.

So come on!  Spread the love this Valentine’s Day and help those in need in Haiti at the same time.
February 14, 2010 from 3-6pm
Cost is by Donation
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