Study Finds Flu Vaccine Increases Hospitalization Rates

When it comes to  protecting our children’s health and there may be no more devisive topic than vaccinations.  Yet,  I feel compelled to touch this hot button and share this information.  There is new research to indicate the flu vaccines put children at much higher risk for hospitalization than those children who have not received the flu vaccine.  This is especially true for children with asthma.  Science Daily recently reported a study of 263 children and found that not only was the flu vaccine not effective in preventing influenza in children but that it actually increased the risk of hospitalization three times over for children with asthma.  Despite this study  putting a giant question mark on this practice the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Center for Disease Control and the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program all recommend that children receive the flu vaccine.  What do you think?  Please share your comments.

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