High on Pecan Pie

Today while riding in the car, my four year old asked when it was going to be Thanksgiving.   When I broke the news that it was tomorrow she started bouncing up and down in her five point harness.
“Yippee!  I’m going to be really crazy tomorrow because it’s Thanksgiving!”
Yippee, a four year old high on pecan pie.
Holidays.  It used to mean a break; time off from school or work.  For families with young children the holidays now seem to be synonymous with stress.  You lay up at night thinking about  having to separate your two year old from her beloved blankie as you are forced to wrench it from her death grip and hand it over to be x-rayed at the airport.  You cringe at facing  the inevitable issues with the in-laws and frankly, you are considering of opting out of the holidays this year.  If you can’t opt out but you could use a few more tools to make it to the new year here are two resources:
First join us December 9th from 6-8pm at Java Mama for a class helping families with young children in a crash course just in time for the holidays www.friendswithclass.com to register.
If you can’t make that check out this article for from last year’s holiday issue newsletter for some take home tips.
Good luck wrangling your own high on pecan pie Pumpkins and have a Happy Thanksgiving!
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