Why Hoping to “Get Some” Backfires

What does every new dad want for father’s day?  Not a neck tie.  Not new swim trunks.  Not even a framed picture with your kids hand print.

Your guy wants the sex life he had before the pitter patter of little feet across floor filled your days and your nights.  The only problem is he doesn’t know how to get it.  He’s just hoping to”get some” but guess what?  Hoping to “get some” means someone has to “GIVE some” and what are new mom’s doing all day and night long?  Um, giving.

So is there sex after kids?  Yes!  In Bootie After Baby new parents learn how to turn overtures into invitations in the art of married modern flirting.  June 25th NYC 800.383.1790  or www.babymaven.org

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