The Secret to a Happy Life

We do a poor job in our culture appreciating fathers.  In tv commercials and sitcom’s dad’s  are portrayed as  beer drinking buffoons like Homer Simpson.  Children’s literature is the same; over 60% of children’s books don’t even mention a father.

And maybe in generations past dads were less involved but today’s father overwhelmingly expresses a desire to be more involved than his father was and strives to be an equal parenting partner .  It’s a good thing too because the research about the essential nature of dad’s role in child rearing is overwhelming.  In fact, the number one predictor of overall happiness and success in life can be linked to having an emotionally available father in childhood. This father’s day, take the time to recognize the dad’s in your life and check out this fantastic site. - Dedicated to showing the world that Dads are not second-class parents!

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