Can Twitter Lower C-Section Rates?

Unless you are living off the grid you know Dooce had her baby.  Who knew so many people could be waiting in collective suspense to find out her name?  Who knew I would care.  I am so curious about her labor “12 seconds of pushing” and any possible connected to the fact that almost 700,000 people were frantically refreshing their twitter tools to find out how things were moving along.

The studies on the positive powers of prayer for the sick are well documented.  When almost 700,000 people are thinking good labor thoughts for you maybe it’s a little easier to push out a baby.  Maybe you can feel that collective good will and get in touch with your inner hear-me-roar-birth-this-baby-now-warrior-woman?    Maybe there should be twitter virtual “sit in’s” for mama’s in labor and our c-section rates would go down.  Maybe it’s a whole new world.

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