Scary Monster Story

Someone out there in cyberspace might be scratching his or her head wondering what kind of “parenting expert” tells her three year old kid scary monster stories at bedtime?

Valid question.

Why do I tell monster stories each and every night?  And why stories about monster who are not only scary but who have fine creeping abilities to sneak with stealth into little boys and girls rooms at night while they are sleeping?  And why must the monsters be the kind who want to eat up little boys and girls?  Why?

The answer is because my daughter insists upon such stories each and every night.  So you may say to me from over there in some far corner of the internet, my child would insist upon chocolate ice cream for breakfast but, I’m the parent and I say no. You should say no, you so –called parenting expert you.

Valid point.

I decide what she eats for breakfast however, when it comes to make believe  my three year old is in charge.  Pretending is her job.  It’s how she conquers her fear of monsters.  The other day as she was brushing her teeth, Mollie said, you know, sometimes I have to remind myself that monsters are just pretend.  I say it in my head.  Monster are just pretend.  Monsters are just pretend and then I remember and I’m not afraid.

Point taken.

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