Who is this person in the mirror wearing mommy’s sweats?

Did becoming a mother turn your world upside down and backwards? Jodi, a mother in University City shares, “After I had Sammy I woke up one morning or afternoon, really who knows what time it was.   Everything blended into one endless round of feedings and laundry, and catching sleep whenever I could.   So I get up to wash my face and I look into the mirror.  I don’t recognize the image in front of me.  Who is this desperately tired person?    She has deep circles under her eyes.  She has a flabby belly.  She is wearing mommy sweats.   I don’t know her.”

Research shows that despite all preperation parents today are actually under prepared for the transition into parenthood.  Many mothers find that their friendships, their marriages and their essential sense of self has changed.  We are not prepared for this isolating upheaval and in modern life without our “tribe” right next door.

So what’s a girl to do?  Join  Baby Maven’s Mother’s Circle! This new group is a place for mothers to connect, share and learn.  Classes are forming now at So Childish (1947 30th Street) call 800.383.1790 or info@babymaven.org for exact times and registration.  $60 for a 6 week series

More about Mother’s Circle:

This dynamic class will integrates each mother’s personal goals to develop a balance of education and support.   The small group will strive for a judgment free zone where you can voice your concerns, and make meaningful connections. Mother’s circle welcomes all mothers including expectant, adoptive and second time mamas.  You will learn:

–         What is the best way for everyone to get some sleep?

–         Should I let my baby cry and will I spoil her if I don’t?

–         How can I start early to raise a happy and independent child?

–         I wonder if my baby is developing normally?

–         My spouse and I are fighting more and I’m overwhelmed, what will help?

–        How can I keep the spark alive in my marriage after having a baby?

Space is limited call today to register 800.383.1790

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