Playing Doctor

If your house is like mine then winter and even spring are synonomous with sick.  Since all the cold and cough medications have been pulled from the shelves many a family is wondering how to get through the season.  We’ve decided to go the “alternative” health route and have found amazing results with a Chinese doctor, herbs, acupuncture and diet changes.   After all, they have thousands of years of practice curing the common cold.

Who knew a four year old can sit still and be needled?  Who knew that cutting out ALL sugar and grease from her diet cures her reactive airway cough better than steroid asthma treatment?

The hard part is convincing the in-laws that I’m not the meanest mother in the world when I don’t allow my daughter any “treat’s” during her cough flare ups.

Next thing you know you’ll walk in on your child playing Chinese Doctor and directing her opposite sex cousin  to “relax and have a rest” fully clothed.

To find a practitioner near you visit or if you are in Chicago, LA, Orange County or San Diego I can give you a stand out personal recommendation submit a comment.

Here is to relaxation and rest!

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