Scary Monster Story

Someone out there in cyberspace might be scratching his or her head wondering what kind of “parenting expert” tells her three year old kid scary monster stories at bedtime?

Valid question.

Why do I tell monster stories each and every night?  And why stories about monster who are not only scary but who have fine creeping abilities to sneak with stealth into little boys and girls rooms at night while they are sleeping?  And why must the monsters be the kind who want to eat up little boys and girls?  Why?

The answer is because my daughter insists upon such stories each and every night.  So you may say to me from over there in some far corner of the internet, my child would insist upon chocolate ice cream for breakfast but, I’m the parent and I say no. You should say no, you so –called parenting expert you.

Valid point.

I decide what she eats for breakfast however, when it comes to make believe  my three year old is in charge.  Pretending is her job.  It’s how she conquers her fear of monsters.  The other day as she was brushing her teeth, Mollie said, you know, sometimes I have to remind myself that monsters are just pretend.  I say it in my head.  Monster are just pretend.  Monsters are just pretend and then I remember and I’m not afraid.

Point taken.

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Introduction to this blog

Hi!  Welcome to my blog.  Last fall, I was approached by to publish a blog as a parenting expert and I was thrilled to be asked because I’m passionate about parenting.   Yet, I also had many trepidations about tip toeing into the whole world of typing in cyberspace.  But here I go…

A little about me.  As the  founder of Baby Maven, expert in all things baby and I have a practice focused on helping parents keep their relationships strong after having children.    You can read more about me here

I live in sunny San Diego with my partner  my daughter, 3.5 going on 13, son  3 months & dog, Mazel (5 and already gray under the chin).  In my “free” time enjoy cooing at my wide-eyed lil’ guy & telling scary monster stories to my daughter about ferocious monsters with enormous chomping teeth who want to eat small children… until the last cliff hanging moment when, of course, the monster decides to be a vegetarian.
I look forward to hearing your feedback from this blog.  Also check out  parentricity  click here.

Carrie Grange Isaacson, LCSW
Founder of Baby Maven

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No Strolling At a March

Social Action is part and parcel of being a Social Worker.  Thus, my pre-schooler has been imbued with the words and deeds of social justice early on.  Her first March was in vitro at the March For Women’s Lives in Washington, DC April 26, 2004.   Recently, we  attended a March for No on Prop 8.  Her only comment was:

“Mommy, next time we go to a March can you please remember to bring my stroller.”

Yet, I think she gets it.  When our neighbor asked her what she wants to be when she grows up she says, “Spider Man.”  Spider Man is social activist.  An action hero helping the downtrodden…

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Relationship experts say that it takes more than being able to manage conflict for a marriage to beat the odds.

During the early years of child rearing, marriage is all about getting through a never ending To Do List. Couples don’t carve out the time to invest in creating and maintaining a solid partnership with open communication, affection and intimacy. Yet, without this investment of time and energy, too many couples will wake up one day with the children out of the house and not have any idea who the person is they have been sharing a bed with for the last 25 years.   Here is what some new reports have to share…

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