Can Twitter Lower C-Section Rates?

Unless you are living off the grid you know Dooce had her baby.  Who knew so many people could be waiting in collective suspense to find out her name?  Who knew I would care.  I am so curious about her labor “12 seconds of pushing” and any possible connected to the fact that almost 700,000 people were frantically refreshing their twitter tools to find out how things were moving along.

The studies on the positive powers of prayer for the sick are well documented.  When almost 700,000 people are thinking good labor thoughts for you maybe it’s a little easier to push out a baby.  Maybe you can feel that collective good will and get in touch with your inner hear-me-roar-birth-this-baby-now-warrior-woman?    Maybe there should be twitter virtual “sit in’s” for mama’s in labor and our c-section rates would go down.  Maybe it’s a whole new world.

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First the Bucket List Now the Love List

There are certain things on your list TO DO before you die.  Maybe you want to take a balloon ride over Africa or see Paris at dawn.  Perhaps you want to run the New York City Marathon or climb Mount Everest..

What about an adventure much closer to home?   Is  the person you choose to have your journey through this life with you on the list?  “Huh?”   You say in your head.    You mean the person I brush my teeth with every night?  No.  Not exciting.   No surprises or adventures there.

We often trade the excitement of new love for the stability and security of long term intimacy but maybe it doesn’t have to be either or.

Do you remember that fast heart beat feeling you got when you first saw your spouse?  Can you imagine getting that back?   Esther Perel, author of Mating in Captivity says, “Most people have  2 or 3 relationships in their adult lifetime but  some have those relationships with the same person.”

In Bootie After Baby couples will create a LOVE LIST that will jump start the passion in their marriage.  Imagine the greatest adventure of your life is getting to fall in love with your partner over and again.

Booties After Baby June 25th 6-9pm New York City Register Now.

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The Secret to a Happy Life

We do a poor job in our culture appreciating fathers.  In tv commercials and sitcom’s dad’s  are portrayed as  beer drinking buffoons like Homer Simpson.  Children’s literature is the same; over 60% of children’s books don’t even mention a father.

And maybe in generations past dads were less involved but today’s father overwhelmingly expresses a desire to be more involved than his father was and strives to be an equal parenting partner .  It’s a good thing too because the research about the essential nature of dad’s role in child rearing is overwhelming.  In fact, the number one predictor of overall happiness and success in life can be linked to having an emotionally available father in childhood. This father’s day, take the time to recognize the dad’s in your life and check out this fantastic site. - Dedicated to showing the world that Dads are not second-class parents!

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Why Hoping to “Get Some” Backfires

What does every new dad want for father’s day?  Not a neck tie.  Not new swim trunks.  Not even a framed picture with your kids hand print.

Your guy wants the sex life he had before the pitter patter of little feet across floor filled your days and your nights.  The only problem is he doesn’t know how to get it.  He’s just hoping to”get some” but guess what?  Hoping to “get some” means someone has to “GIVE some” and what are new mom’s doing all day and night long?  Um, giving.

So is there sex after kids?  Yes!  In Bootie After Baby new parents learn how to turn overtures into invitations in the art of married modern flirting.  June 25th NYC 800.383.1790  or

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A Father’s Day Gift Sure to Please

What is the best gift you can get your guy?  How about hopes for the sex life you had before kids?  Right  but how?  I’ll tell you.  Take a Bootie After Baby class and learn:

The Art of Married Modern Flirting
What are the Yes But’s
The secrete Potion for Passion
Why “hoping to “get some” won’t work and how to turn overtures into invitations

This class is based on the latest research from sex and couples therapists.  Give your guy the gift of getting back under the covers together this father’s day!  Offered June 25th in New York City 6-9pm  Register at Space is Limited.  Classes in San Diego forming now.

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Study Finds Flu Vaccine Increases Hospitalization Rates

When it comes to  protecting our children’s health and there may be no more devisive topic than vaccinations.  Yet,  I feel compelled to touch this hot button and share this information.  There is new research to indicate the flu vaccines put children at much higher risk for hospitalization than those children who have not received the flu vaccine.  This is especially true for children with asthma.  Science Daily recently reported a study of 263 children and found that not only was the flu vaccine not effective in preventing influenza in children but that it actually increased the risk of hospitalization three times over for children with asthma.  Despite this study  putting a giant question mark on this practice the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Center for Disease Control and the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program all recommend that children receive the flu vaccine.  What do you think?  Please share your comments.

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Baby Swap Everything is Free

Do you have baby stuff you’ve outgrown?  New stuff you need?

Baby Clothing & Gear Swap Where & When

Sunday, April 26th at the Lawrence Family JCC

Item drop off, Schmoozing, & Noshing: 10:30 – 11:30am

Shopping: 11:30am – 1:30pm
Extra parking available behind the JCC
Cost This is a free event with a $5.00 donation to Shalom BabyInvite your friends!

Anyone can attend, not just Shalom Baby members.

Unclaimed items will be donated to Jewish Family Services programs.

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Spotted Moon to the rescue

Not to add to your eco-anxiety but did you know the paint in your house could be toxic?  Never Fear, Spotted Moon is here!  This mama run company  will quickly quell your eco-anxiety.

Spotted Moon Murals & Paint is an environmentally conscious decorative art company owned and operated by San Diegan’s Christine and Jason Bryant. They offer an array of  services including permanent and Movable Murals, stenciling, and Non Toxic Painting. Spotted Moon is passionate about the environment and educating parents on non toxic alternatives to decorating and cleaning. For more information please view their website at www.spotted as well as their blog at .

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The Baby Blues

We call a new baby a bundle of joy.    Parenthood conjures up images of tiny toes, gummy grins, the smell of baby powder, the feel of oh-so-soft blankets in soothing pastel colors.

We think little of the endless piles of dirty diapers, of nights without uninterrupted sleep, or of dinners with a jiggling a baby over our shoulders.

We know that we will be sleep deprived but often fail to really consider that this means.   In a study of healthy college students, after one month of sleep deprivation 100% were clinically depressed!

Here are the facts about the baby blues and postpartum depression:

  • The Baby Blues effects up to 80% of new mothers.
  • More severe and long term Postpartum Depression impacts 66% of new mothers.
  • Up to 30% of new fathers / non birthing parents suffer from postpartum depression.
  • Graduates of the Bringing Baby Home Workshop lower PPD rates from 66% down to 22%.

Three risk factors have been identified to increase the changes of suffering from postpartum depression.

These include:

  1. A family or individual history of depression
  2. Relationship problems
  3. Social Isolation.

Even without any of the above risk factors it’s very important to be on the look out for symptoms because PPD can happen to anyone.

Symptoms of PPD include:

  • Irritability,  tearfulness,  depressed (sad) mood
  • Lack of pleasure or interest in activities
  • Agitation or psychomotor retardation (moving very slowly)
  • Feelings of worthlessness or  guilt
  • Diminished concentration, or indecisiveness
  • Frequent thoughts of death or suicide
  • Having thoughts about hurting one’s self
  • Worrying about hurting baby

It’s important to remember that it’s normal to feel out of sorts after having a baby and that most common baby blues symptoms will self resolve within a few weeks while experiencing five or more of the above symptoms consistently means that further help is needed to ensure the well being of the whole family.  Research shows that the impact of untreated depression on children can have long term negative consequences:

  • Children experience developmental delays, lower weight gain, mental and motor delays and less empathy.
  • The brainwaves of depressed mothers and three month old babies have been studied and results indicated that these babies develop depressive brain wave patterns too.
  • By 4 years of age, children of depressed parents have lower IQ scores.
  • Children of depressed parents are at greater risk for child abuse.
  • It’s essential that the primary caretaker is supported in his or her emotional health in order to maintain and support the health of the whole family.

What you can do to alleviate the baby blues:

1. The Gottman Research Institute found that a 15 minute daily massage can alleviate depression.  Make sure your partner knows how important this can be!

2. Talk about your stress.  Research shows that when we connect socially, sharing our stress and our experiences, there are positive chemical differences in present in our brains.  Find time to talk with your partner or a friend about what is troubling you

3. Regular exercise is well proven to alleviate depression.  Make the time to go for a walk.  Even better, make a date to walk with a friend and you are doing #2 & #3 while warding off social isolation.

4. Rest!  Uninterrupted REM cycles are essential.  When a mother is breastfeeding find a solution that works will be different for each family.  For some this mean co-sleeping so that mom and baby can sleep through night feedings.  For other families it may mean that mom is able to pump and the non breastfeeding parent can give the baby a night time bottle.

When further help is needed don’t delay in calling a health professional for medical options or mental health professional for treatment choices.  You can call me at 800.383.1790 or try Postpartum Health Alliance warmline at 619-254-0023.

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Playing Doctor

If your house is like mine then winter and even spring are synonomous with sick.  Since all the cold and cough medications have been pulled from the shelves many a family is wondering how to get through the season.  We’ve decided to go the “alternative” health route and have found amazing results with a Chinese doctor, herbs, acupuncture and diet changes.   After all, they have thousands of years of practice curing the common cold.

Who knew a four year old can sit still and be needled?  Who knew that cutting out ALL sugar and grease from her diet cures her reactive airway cough better than steroid asthma treatment?

The hard part is convincing the in-laws that I’m not the meanest mother in the world when I don’t allow my daughter any “treat’s” during her cough flare ups.

Next thing you know you’ll walk in on your child playing Chinese Doctor and directing her opposite sex cousin  to “relax and have a rest” fully clothed.

To find a practitioner near you visit or if you are in Chicago, LA, Orange County or San Diego I can give you a stand out personal recommendation submit a comment.

Here is to relaxation and rest!

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